Kimmo Pohjonen & Ismo Alanko – Northern Lowland

Ismo Alanko and Kimmo Pohjonen team up for the new project pohjonen alanko. The focus is vocal experimentation and new sonic adventures with effects, samples and instrumentation. Third member of the team is sound designer and manipulator Tuomas Norvio.
Pohjonen Alanko release new music video by director and scriptwriter Klaus Welp. In the short film, three mysterious characters travel with moving and self-luminated platforms through the empty night of Helsinki. Primitive and almost non-sounding music carries the men along the empty streets between uninhabited blocks.


Datashock – Her mit dem Kelch, (das) hier muss es sein

Datashock is a ritualistic “neo-hippie-spook-folk” collective from Saarlouis, Germany. There is no constant lineup, as the group is joined by new members every now and then.

Their music is defined almost entirely by psychedelic multidimensional live-improvisations stemming from 70ies krautrock influenced by contemporary electronic music and psychotic dronescapes. As a result we find complex layers of sultry muffled vibrations met by heavy waves of electronic sound experiments and strangely disfigured images. Here and there reality-distorting bits of whispers and cut-up voices are woven into the texture of these alien patterns of sound. Every step here is like nervously stumbling through the swampy ground of a jungle. Here every look is like a secret glimpse at a hidden ghost-train world.

If, however, you would want to use other bands from past and present as a reference, names like Tangerine Dream or Sunburned Hand of the Man might come to mind. Datashock’s music has a similarly warm and organic feel to it. Labels like “spooky psychedelic-post-krautfolk” are at the same time graphic description as well as missing the point altogether.

During the band’s four-year history one of the highlights has been this year’s (2007) release of a live-collaboration picture-LP with Nadja, also known as Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff.

After several releases on floppy disk (this is how the collective started to deep-freeze their sound experiments in 2003), tape, CD-R and Vinyl, Datashock released an LP on Textile Records (France) in January 2008. Furthermore, an LP-release on the legendary label Qbico Records (Italy) was scheduled for spring 2008. 2010’s Para Dieswarts Dull’C60 available on Colour Ride now.

Founding member Pascal Hector is also running Meudiademorte Recs, known for releases of noise and improv music by artists such as Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Sunburned Hand of the Man, Vanishing Voice and many others.

Ulf Schütte also plays in Aosuke, works as a solo artist as Shivers and Diamond Lemonade and is running the Tape Tektoniks label. Together with Pascal Hector he plays in Tavatare and with Marcel Türkowsky in Cones.

The collective’s newest member is Marcel Türkowsky who besides his work as a solo artist is involved in Cones, UUHUU, Wooden Veil, Leo Mars and Kinn.