Suicide – Jukebox Baby


Spray Paint

Spray Paint is a japanese melodic punk rock band. Nah nah!
http://red.ap.teacup.com/spraypaint/2) Spray Paint is a three piece out of Austin, Tx composed of two guitarists and a drummer. (Members of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth)

Deaf Wish – Pain

Deaf Wish began in a soggy West Melbourne rehearsal room in May 2007, standing around screaming and bashing through songs with one solid philosophy: ‘go to feedback’ when things fall apart. After a handful of rehearsals, they recorded 10 songs and played 2 shows. Then guitar player Sarah Hardiman flew to the UK and never came back.
Deaf Wish stopped for a year whilst the album was passed around and grew a cult following stemming from punks and spreading around the pubs and yards of Melbourne. Deaf Wish reformed with a new member in June 2008, performing as a ramshackle unit of four suburban no-hopers, bleeding through feedback, noise and emotional abandon.
They were picked up by local label Stained Circles (Dirt Bombs, Jay Reatard, Clockcleaner, Stabs, Pink Reason, etc) and toured around Australia.
While they are often compared to US bands like the Wipers, Husker Du and Red Kross; Australian bands such as X and Venom P Stinger; it is an unarguably and distinctly Melbourne suburban sound that Deaf Wish have made their own.

Sauna Youth- Creeping

Formed by Brighton-based ex-members of The Steal, Sauna Youth are an evolving band of young future humans making truly irregular punk not quite comparable to anything else. The band, attracted to the possibilities apparent within a DIY philosophy have been self-recording and self-releasing their own music since 2010, creating a number of seven inches, splits and cassettes. Artistic affinities are pledged to Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pissed Jeans and The Intelligence, but as Kurt Cobain once asked “Why can’t we be both Black Sabbath and The Beatles?”, Sauna Youth consistently and urgently pose the question, ‘Why can’t we be both The Ramones and Steve Reich?’.
Sauna Youth’s debut album, ‘Dreamlands’ was released in 2012 through Gringo Records and Faux Discx, whilst their most recent 7″ ‘False Jesii Pt. II’ came out in 2013 through Static Shock Records.

Guili Guili Goulag – Avec Sophie Marceau

Guili Guili Goulag is a weird XP rock band influenced by african music, Kraut Rock, doom, punk … and a lot of other things. It consists in a noisy harp, a groovy bass, and a tribal drum. The musicians were or are involved in various underground projects such as Duflan Duflan, Spoilature, Arts et Techniques … Their performances can be described as a dansable noisy act with improvised moments. Guili Guili Goulag has recently released their first record. 4 labels are involved in this release (Mon cul c’est du Tofu, Rockeril Records, Cheap Satanism and Attila Tralala).

Östro 430 S-Bahn

Östro 430 war eine 4-köpfige Frauenband der Neuen Deutschen Welle aus Düsseldorf. Sie formierte sich 1979 und löste sich 1984 auf.