Future Islands- Like The Moon

Future Islands is an American synthpop band based in Baltimore, Maryland, and signed to 4AD. The band formed in January 2006 in Greenville, North Carolina and is composed of Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion, and Samuel T. Herring


Wild Nothing – Alien

Shoc Corridor – Iceberg

Shoc Corridor were a minimal wave group from West London who released two full-lengths and a handful of singles during the early 1980s. Their songs typically consisted of sparse, midtempo drum machine beats and chilling, atmospheric synths, often with wayward vocals. Some of their tracks featured 4/4 beats that prefigured techno, but their sound was generally a bit too light and delicate for the dancefloor. The group was formed in the early ’80s by vocalist Paul O’Carroll, guitarist Chris Davis, and synthesizer players Andy Garnham and Nogi Prass. They signed to a small London-based label called Shout and released their debut 12″ EP A Blind Sign in 1982. Debut full-length Experiments in Incest arrived the following year. David and Prass then left the group, and were replaced by Paul Humphries and Sarah Panton. The new lineup of Shoc Corridor released 7″ single “Holding Treasure” on Shout, and 12″ single “Fever” and Train of Events, their significantly more accessible second LP, on the Quiet label, all in 1984. Tragically, Humphries committed suicide that year, and the band ceased activity. Belgian label Classix Records brought the group’s catalog to compact disc with the release of Anthology in 1993. Another Belgian label, Testtoon Records, released a remix 12″ of Shoc Corridor’s track “Artificial Horizon” in early 2013. San Francisco-based label Dark Entries reissued Shoc Corridor’s debut LP in 2015.

madeleine peyroux – dance me to the end of love

Madeleine Peyroux (born April 18, 1974, Athens, Georgia, United States) is a French-American jazz and blues singer-songwriter.
When Peyroux was six years old her family moved to Brooklyn and later southern California. At age 13 her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Paris. In interviews, Peyroux describes her parents as “hippies” and “eccentric educators” who helped her pursue a career in music. As a child her father listened to old records Peyroux learned to play her mother’s ukelele.
Peyroux started singing at the age of fifteen and performed with street musicians in the Latin Quarter in Paris. She joined a group called the Riverboat Shufflers. At age sixteen she joined The Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band and toured Europe with them.

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

“Can I Kick It?” is the third single from A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. The song was first recorded in 1989, when the members of A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali Shaheed, were just 19.
It contains samples of “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed, “What a Waste” by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, “Spinning Wheel” by Dr. Lonnie Smith, “Dance of the Knights” by Sergei Prokofiev and “Sunshower” by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. Band rapper Phife Dawg has stated that, because of the use of the “Walk on the Wild Side” sample, the group didn’t receive any money from the single, with Lou Reed instead claiming the profits.
“Can I kick It?” appears on The Anthology, where the outro of “Bonita Applebaum” is added to the beginning of the song.

The music video, directed by Jim Swaffield, features A Tribe Called Quest and various others, including members of De La Soul, literally kicking the word “it” while rapping in a film set, an alley, and a construction site. On the film set, they are seen playing with the dot for the “i” in “it”. In the alley, they are walking around and are flipping on top of the “it”. Other things, such as throwing drumsticks around and landing them on drums, are also seen in the video. A “flying record player” is featured, to play the Lou Reed sample. Also, there is a slightly different beat in the video, but the same lyrics from the album are used.